Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My horse Romeo

A conclusion to the post before this about moving my horse!

So that day we moved him again. It started snowing on us and got really cold! But we got there all tired, safe and wet. I gave him some hay, brushed him down and hoped he would stay this time!
We went back the next day and fed him, I did not see him but the food was gone so I knew he was still there! A few days after that I went and saw him again. He was there and came trotting over to me! I got to ride him for a bit. It was a very enjoyable time.

A very tired Romeo!

Eating at his new home!


I am in Tennessee!!!
This is my sixth day as a Rubies Girl. I am learning lots of new things, for instance how to ship different packages and magazines. I learned about zip codes! That the very first number coincides with the group of states that the item is sent to!
On my second day I was getting a box of books to ship out from the garage but on my way back there was a floor lamp, since I was walking right by it...of course I just had to trip over the cord, break the light bulb and bruise my knee. =/

The outdoors are beautiful here! I am really looking forward to seeing all the trees leaf out!
Oh yes! While playing tag on Sunday I cut my foot because we were running barefoot! It is really deep but it has started getting better already! =)

The view right outside the upstairs window!