Monday, August 26, 2013

The game of Hostage!

There are two teams, of at least four people, with two cars, blindfolds, and two cell phones per team. two member, the "hostages," from each team gets into the opposing team’s car and is blindfolded so they don’t know where they are going. Both cars drive from the starting location and have a certain amount of time to get as far away as possible (the more time, the farther the teams will go, making the game harder). The blindfolded team members are dropped off wherever the car is when time runs out. After this they can take off their blindfold and text or call their team members in the car to try to find them. The goal of the game is for the teams to find the teammates who were taken “hostage” and make it back to the starting point before the other team.
I really want to play this at our next family reunion! I think it would be a total blast!

And yes this is a very random picture of a raccoon! It has nothing to do with the game I just wanted a raccoon!